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Influential Skills

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The Influential Skills for Senior Managers course empowers participants to master the art of persuasive communication and effective leadership, enabling them to influence stakeholders, drive change, and build strong, collaborative relationships. Through interactive workshops, role-playing exercises, and communication strategies, senior managers will enhance their influential abilities, foster a positive work culture, and inspire their teams to achieve exceptional results.Topics Covered:1. Understanding the Power of Influence in Leadership2. Developing an Authentic and Trustworthy Leadership Presence3. Effective Communication: Listening, Speaking, and Non-Verbal Cues4. Building Strong Relationships with Stakeholders5. Influence Through Emotional Intelligence and Empathy6. Using Persuasion and Negotiation Techniques7. Influential Presentation Skills and Storytelling8. Leading with Influence During Change and Uncertainty9. Overcoming Resistance and Handling Difficult Conversations10. Motivating and Inspiring Teams Toward Common Goals11. Building a Culture of Influence and Collaboration12. Continuous Improvement and Feedback in Influential SkillsUpon completion of this training program, senior managers will possess influential leadership capabilities, enabling them to effectively communicate their vision, mobilize support, and create a positive impact on their teams and organizations as a whole.

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